Holidays in Portugal Villas - Are They Right For You?

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Villas in Portugal are a synonym of luxury, golf fields and glamour. Well-furnished and elegant villas in Portugal are great if you are hoping for a high profile holiday, without spending great amounts of money. Nevertheless, if you are looking to relax and rest during your vacation, you may find Villas in Portugal a bit disappointing.

Most of these villas are located near the city and there is a lot of building work being done on them, which is why people who are hoping to relax during their holidays will find it very difficult with all the annoying noising resulting from building work.

The banging and drilling noises can really get to one's nerves, ruining everything you hoped for in your vacation. Also, building work affects the view. Traffic noises also may affect your peaceful holidays. Most people keep dogs, so their barking can really ruin the peace and quiet environment as well.

As luxurious as they are, many of this villas are quite affordable, which is great if you are on a budget and you want to keep the prices of your holidays low. But if this is your case, there are some extra fees to take into account. Some of the restaurants in the area are really expensive. Also, many villas are far away from the airport, so your taxi cab's fare may be relatively expensive too.

In some areas of Portugal, like in Monchique, the weather is unpredictable. This is something you should consider, because bad weather can definitely ruin your holidays. Also, holidays in Portugal villas are not suitable for children, since there is no entertainment available for them. So if you are planning to travel with you family you may want to go on another direction.

It is also recommended to be careful with some websites that advertise plenty of facilities for you to use in the villas, because some of them only offer a flat studio and a shared pool, despite of their advertisements. Some of these villas in Portugal do not count with a shuttle bus into town nor bars or any kind of entertainment, so if you would like to go to town, you will need to take a taxi cab, and there is an extra fee you were not considering.

Another option is to rent a car, since the beach and the shops are not at a walking distance. So add up the cost of a rental car to your budget. Summing up, villas could be great for a couple's getaway, who are not on a budget, but if you are planning a trip with your children or if you are looking for peace and quiet away from traffic and building work noises, villas in Portugal may not be the right choice for you.

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Holidays in Portugal Villas - Are They Right For You?

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This article was published on 2010/03/31