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The inlets of the Amalfi coast, protected from northerly winds, deep and sheltered, they were evidently regarded as suitable for building villas, where to stay regular. As Li Galli, Vietri sul Mare, and perhaps Cetara, even the narrow valley of Reginna Minor hosted a mansion . The name of the gentleman who chose the location for you to build his villa is unfortunately not known. We do not know if he was a citizen of the capital that came here to spend periods of rest or an inhabitant of the nearest town, Neapolis, Nuceria, Salernum, who moved here for their leisure time. It was certainly the person of considerable financial means and a high-level cultural and taste, we look for the complex and its decorations.Built at sea level, in its lower floor of the villa contains a viridarium the wings of the portico, at the center is a tank, in line with the great, monumental, opening to the sea and the environment more important than the plan. The great triclinioninfeo whose sides symmetrically spread the entire floor.

The upper floor have been preserved only very few items, none of which are high: suspensurae of a heated mosaic floors and they also identify environments on the top floor, totally destroyed by the subsequent remakes, as tried by the preliminary archaeological Antiquarium during the second room which is not found no evidence dating back to the villa.Entry Romana Edificata Villa in the early 1st century AD, as evidenced by the decorations in the style of the 111 rooms, the villa during his life he had several renovations and remodeling. In the third century there was the remake of triclinium with the addition of the stone benches and mosaic and the partial renovation of the paintings. Still later. is supposed, some of the rooms were reduced by partitions. The villa probably stretched along the side of a terraced slope, penetrating into the hollow on the right bank of Reginna Minor.

The extension had to be much broader than currently known.In the vestibule below the foot of the west staircase, the only preserved, tompagno does assume the presence of other environments, now lost. During work on the regimentation of the river came to light at a certain distance from the building that we know. some structures related to environments that still preserved their paintings. Assume at the time of the excavation as belonging to another house, most likely could have been a oecus and a corridor, not unlike other houses of the nobility of the time. The life of a noble residence in the villa residence of the owners took place over several centuries.

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When You book an apartment in Positano Apartment in Positano - Amalfi Coast , with us You'll realize how beautiful and magic this town is.

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Villa Romana Amalfi Coast

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This article was published on 2010/12/28